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Tribute to harmony. Lagom is natural beauty and conscious simplicity. Each porcelain slab encapsulates the essence of Swedish "Lagom", a concept that seeks personal satisfaction through simplicity and the quality of a living space for body and soul. This high-end collection for interiors, with its ultra-natural and balanced look, invites serenity and comfort in every space. Its pieces capture the purity of a wood softly knotty wood without contrasts, with a very careful choice of tones. The large format planks extend to an impressive length of 160 cm, with a feeling of spaciousness and continuity, enhancing the elegance of the floor with a spectacular aesthetic. With its oak, natural and almond shades, the Lagom wood-inspired porcelain collection offers a harmonious colour palette, a tribute to balanced living.

Installation: Pavement

Living history in every detail. Ostuni captures the timeless essence of classic craftsmanship. Each piece, in shades of beige, appears to have been moulded by hand, reflecting the fascinating aesthetic of the "white city" that gives it its name. The series masterfully combines the textures of natural fabrics and stone, creating a mosaic of nuances on its ceramic surface, where every detail brings an unmistakable sense of quality and authenticity. Ostuni has two decorative formats in white paste, one featuring the relief of thin parallel strips that add depth and character to the wall. The other is a delicate pattern of Nile lilacs, which appear to be hand-painted and evoke the craftsmanship piece by piece. Both complement the earthy tones of the stone. Ostuni is a proposal that invites you to touch and feel the living history in its textures. The collection is presented in de-toned porcelain tiles for flooring, in 60x60 cm (INTECH + technology), and in white body ceramic for cladding, available in 30x90 cm and 40x120 cm.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement
Marble Paonazzo

Marble in all its splendour. Timeless and sophisticated, this is Marble Paonazzo, the porcelain tile that embodies the elegance of marble at its best. The Marble Paonazzo series has been carefully conceived from a selection of the most balanced pieces of this marble of imposing and harmonious appearance. The white surface of Marble Paonazzo is traversed by intricate veins with a wavy, organic appearance, creating a unique visual effect that relaxes the eye and beautifies spaces. The shades of the veins vary from creamy whites to subtle greys. The pieces have a natural lustre, accentuated by a polished effect, which highlights the grey veins to add depth and character. The mineral authenticity is embodied in the pattern free design of the series that highlights the originality of each piece. The fulness of the porcelain pieces, in an impressive 80x160 cm format, testifies to the originality and beauty of the collection, immediately capturing the attention as the star element of any space.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement

Rustic elegance. Kenia is a walk through natural landscapes that evoke the serene beauty of this region, a porcelain tile that evokes the luminous and rustic warmth of wood. As in nature, light and dark beige tones intertwine in perfect balance, in a collection that reflects the harmony of the earth. The deep mink-coloured veins, which sometimes run across its surface, add to its rustic appearance, recalling the contrasts and textures of untreated wood. In addition, Kenya not only captivates with its beauty, but also complies with UPEC certification, guaranteeing high resistance to wear and tear, making it a practical and durable choice for any space. This collection has been designed with the purpose of perfectly complementing the ambience of balanced spaces, as well as the diversity and cohesion of nature in Kenia. Available in large 20x120cm and 30x120cm formats.

Installation: Pavement

Metal made ceramic. Iron is the perfect fusion of the strength and elegance of metal, transformed into avant-garde ceramics. Inspired by the appearance of unpolished sheet metal, fresh from the foundry. This collection captivates with its industrial and contemporary aesthetic. Iron's surface has a firm texture that faithfully captures the essence of metal in a porcelain finish. Shades range from the darkest greys and silvers that evoke the strength of metal, to warm tones that infuse elegance. Each Iron tile emanates an authentic chromatic richness, like a freshly forged piece of metal. In addition, Iron's lapatto finish incorporates reflections that evolve according to the light, creating a dynamic range of shades that enhance the depth and texture of the surface. The collection is available in white, grey and rust colours in a large 80x160cm format.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement

Serene symphony Fascinating encounter between the elegant and the subtle in white body, in an ode to the natural. In a fascinating encounter between the elegant and the subtle, the Sonata collection emerges as an ode to the natural. With a delicate white body aesthetic, this series of tiles captures the essence of calm and serenity in each ceramic design. Sonata presents a smooth texture, full of nuances, inspired by authentic stones such as limestone and sandstone where each tile reflects the history of landscapes sculpted by millennia of tranquillity. The collection is woven with a serene background movement with authenticity piece by piece. The result is a visual symphony that transports you to peaceful and serene places. Two decorative pieces complement the collection, Deko Sonata, 30x90 tiles in the base tones of the original collection, on which bamboo leaves are projected as plant shadows in a balanced dynamism and Suite Balance, also with the original tonal base, with the pieces raked by fine parallel lines that add a subtle touch of movement, perfectly harmonised with the whole. The Balance series is the ideal floor covering to achieve stylistic and chromatic harmony with the Sonata wall covering, creating an integral solution for the home.

Installation: Cladding

Emblematic Singular, warm and harmonious, with the porous nuances and depth of linear veins so characteristic of travertine. Navona transports us to the beauty and history of this iconic place in Rome where the fountains and marble represent the ornamental, the sumptuous and the fusion of architectural styles. Navona is a porcelain tile with a travertine marble finish that captures the uniqueness, warmth and harmony of this precious stone. The digital techniques reflect the unique appearance of this porous-structured sedimentary marble, a feature that occurs in nature due to gas bubbles trapped during its creation between thermal and groundwater. It has been meticulously worked to achieve a variety of chromatic shades ranging from white, cream and beige to darker tones such as brown, gold and ochre. These shades give depth to the linear veins that are so characteristic of travertine. Special inks and innovative manufacturing processes mimic the distinctive hollows present in the natural stone. The Navona surface is smooth and surprisingly soft to the touch, with polished and matt finishes available in both 60x120 and large formats of 120x120 and 120x250. The collection recreates the beauty and complexity of this marble and multiplies its properties with the durability and resistance of porcelain, without the care and maintenance required by the materials it is inspired by. The collection has been integrally designed together with the new Roca Tiles collections to combine perfectly, representing a trend in the palette of neutral and warm colours. Its soft and sinuous shapes avoid angles and straight lines, providing a more organic and natural appearance.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement

Earthly atmosphere Finish inspired by manual stucco, which manages to capture all its texture and relief. Genuine, warm and welcoming, this spatulato effect porcelain tile achieves visual interest and personality with a manual stucco inspired finish, of which it manages to capture all its texture and relief. Kasbah is well-being, its natural characteristics evoke the beauty of earthy elements and favour the design of welcoming and luminous atmospheres in neutral tones that add elegance and dynamism to the spaces. Kasbah presents a handcrafted and balanced surface in three earth tones, sand, grey and terracotta, which can be harmoniously combined with other decorative elements such as Deko Fez. Furthermore, the shades of Kasbah have been chosen to achieve a perfect balance when combined on the wall, in 60x120 7mm format, with porcelain tiles with a richer chromatic richness such as Gris du Marais or Avalon, offering the possibility of covering walls and floors with an integrated style. In the white format, it takes centre stage, reinventing itself with a matt finish that exudes elegance. Each piece seems to be wrapped in white silk that accentuates the delicacy, adding a touch of softness that caresses the eye and the touch. Bernini enables bold combinations and contrasts, liberating aesthetics from the conventional.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement

Harmony and character. Great graphic richness, full of nuances and reliefs that surpass nature itself, obtained by avant-garde processes. Immerse yourself in the magnificence of Marais, where the visual composition is a symphony of intensity and organic reliefs. The shades and nuances of this stone, with a dazzling character and personality, surpass nature itself. A captivating collection, of great graphic richness, full of nuances and reliefs, obtained by avant-garde processes. Inspired by a French complex natural stone, characterised by its elegant mottled grey surface, the collection manages to recreate its incredible texture and tiny shimmers in a base finish, full of design. In its four ranges of neutral shades, from soft greys to deep graphite tones, along with the brighter, warmer option of beige and sand, Marais redefines ceramic beauty with boldness and style, in chromatisms that go beyond the original surface. The collection offers a wide variety of options to create stunning and timeless environments. Marais comes in 60x120, 60x60 and 30x60 formats and belongs to Roca Tiles' InTech+ family, generated with the latest advanced printing technologies that achieve a faithful reproduction of nature in each piece, capturing the essence and beauty of natural materials. Precision, realism, relief, detail and aesthetics never seen before in porcelain tiles.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement

Tranquilidade Serenity and harmony in white body ceramic cladding, inspired by the magnificent light and fine sands of the Atlantic coast. Step into the serenity and harmony of the new Comporta collection of white body ceramic wall tiles, a choice that reflects the beauty of the Atlantic coast, its calm and simplicity, and the intimate connection with nature. Inspired by magnificent light and fine sands, the white, sand and grey finishes invite you to create unique combinations on the walls, enhancing the contrast or generating a balanced symbiosis that highlights the elegance in every corner. The Comporta collection becomes a reflection of wellbeing, evoking the tranquillity of earthy elements, which in turn favours the design of welcoming and luminous atmospheres in neutral tones. Each meticulously created piece expresses the very essence of the place that gives it its name, mentally transporting you to the serenity of the Atlantic beaches. The Avalon series flooring and the Comporta wall covering form a perfect combination in terms of aesthetics and shades, creating a complete solution for covering and embellishing the spaces in the home.

Installation: Cladding

Visual treasure Chromatic nuances in a unique marbled white Highly impressive, this collection is a living testimony of effects and materials in perfect harmony. Bernini captures the essence of real stones from the volcanic lands of Chilean Patagonia. Inspired by the majesty of these remote and mysterious places, our designers have infused each tile with the telluric energy and ever-changing nature that characterise this region. The subtlety of the matted surface reflects the imprint of time and the strength of the natural elements, transforming Bernini into a tangible testimony to the harmony between human creativity and powerful nature. Exploring the palette of greys and whites, a play of contrasts of epic proportions emerges, with a visual dynamism that mesmerises the senses. The deep veins and exquisite details in shades of grey shimmer with intensity, conferring a fascinating depth to each tile. Bernini reveals himself as a visual treasure, a creation that seems to be wrapped in an ethereal veil of sophistication. Its forceful originality stands as a unique symphony, achieved through the mastery of techniques and digital reliefs that imbue each piece with character and uniqueness. In the white format, it takes centre stage, reinventing itself with a matt finish that exudes elegance. Each piece seems to be wrapped in white silk that accentuates the delicacy, adding a touch of softness that caresses the eye and the touch. Bernini enables bold combinations and contrasts, liberating aesthetics from the conventional.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement

Lunar echo Material in soft texture, resistant and full of nuances, with great technical properties. As if the moon itself had poured its essence on our ceramic designs, Balance becomes a testimony to the beauty that emerges from calm and serenity. With a texture in soft relief, achieved through the application of granules, Balance acquires a material aspect, full of nuances and capable of captivating your senses. Balance weaves a delicate and serene movement in the background, with small inlaid stones, giving authenticity and naturalness to each design. The collection is inspired by authentic stones such as limestone, porphyry and sandstone. Each tile tells the story of a landscape sculpted by the passing of millennia, peaceful. This porcelain tile does not skimp on design or strength. Its C2 and R10B resistance classification and, at the same time, its smooth texture anti-slip properties, make it ideal for floor coverings in large surfaces, transit spaces, covered outdoor spaces and even wet areas such as kitchens, gyms or laboratories. The design of Balance, with its stony and harmonious appearance, flows with continuity, creating an endless effect in large spaces. A perfect balance between nature and innovation in 90x90, 60x120, 60x60 and 30x60 modular formats and 9 mm thickness for large projects. The collection is combined with Suite Balance, a series of decorative relief pieces in white body 30x90 format, which recreate the appearance of chiselled stone with delicate parallel grooves on the Balance surface.

Installation: CladdingInstallation: Pavement