The elegance of the sinuous waters of the polished marbles, the enhancing effect of light and its reflectivity are reproduced in porcelain format, in color ranges wider than those of natural stone and luminous finishes.


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Marble Dolomita

Marble Dolomita is a true porcelain masterpiece, a true reflection of natural stone with all the advantages of a high-tech material. Its subtle and elegant appearance is achieved through a highly refined and enhancing process, which gives it an ethereal and profoundly serene base. The bright copper veins in the foreground give it original and sophisticated nuances, while in the background, the nuanced grey veins fade into the soft and lustrous pearly white, creating a surprising and harmonious visual effect. The Dolomita marble finish is of exceptional quality, with a smooth and uniform texture that is inviting to the touch. The collection is marketed in two formats: 60x120 and 90x90, in polished and matt, making it a perfect choice for those seeking the authenticity and veracity of natural marble, without compromising the quality and durability of their project

Marble Calacatta Renoir

This exceptionally glossy finish porcelain tile allows for high-contrast compositions where the characteristic pattern of its marked, flowing mink veins run along the entire surface of the pieces and join together perfectly. The interplay of grids and islands of tonality that form on its snowy white base make for absolute protagonists.

Marble Venatino

The Venatino collection is inspired by the classic Italian Carrara Venatino, with faint, longitudinal grey veins that bring an elegant dynamism to each element´s white base. The mineral naturalness is also reflected in the design collection, avoiding patterns and highlighting how unique each piece is. This mirror polished technical marble offers a clean aesthetic in its 60x120 rectified format.

Marble Lincoln

The Lincoln Series moves between art and nature. Its fine jet-black glossy veins leave their mark on the intense matt white and evoke the beauty of the kintsugi technique, a timeless and elegant technique of great aesthetic standing. The rectified 60x120 cm format and 7mm thickness give the visual sensation of a high-impact join-free space. The 30x60 cm Suite version reinforces the originality of the finish with horizontal grooves that give it a balanced texture.

Marble Apuano

Apuano is dominated by white with ochre and light grey veins, in warm, serene and luminous tones. Its sophisticated look is versatile to any style. The finishing processes maintain the chromatic richness, brightness, contrasts, tonalities and effects in this technical marble to appear faithful to the original surface.

Marble Allure

The Allure porcelain tile boasts a wide, gently sinuous grain that provides visual richness without stridency. Presided by a solid base in light beige, vanilla, pearl grey and sand accents, its delicate layers of colour and texture are brought to life with watery and pearlescent reflections that evoke the translucent nature of Onyx marble, in an extra radiant finish.

Carrara 90x90

Carrara marble is one of the great classics of Italian architecture and the inspiration for this collection. With wide compositions and designs on the pieces, the white background highlights the grey veins, characteristic to natural rock running along the entire surface. Free from repetition, each piece is achieved by printing technology which reproduces every detail perfectly and naturally. Carrara is timeless, sophisticated and luxurious.


Contemporary tradition. When the concept takes hold any ornaments are superfluous. Subtle colors and sober forms for a floor tile with an industrial style, especially suited for highly transited and contract areas.

Installation: Pavement

Athos is majestic and striking as well as elegant. This polished technical marble with a mainly white surface, dazzles with piercing black veins that cross each piece like jet rays in a white sky. This Super Collection includes in addition to the 60x120 format, 120x120 cm dimensions and a large 120x250 format for spectacular from floor to ceiling join-free installations.

Nero Caressi

The Nero Caressi marble is one of the most noble marbles found in nature. With a black background and white veins, it is mined in Turkey. Its nobility inspired the design of this Collection, which portrays the contrast of delicate and continuous veins on the deep black background and surprises with its natural beauty. The polished version, with unique shine from the Polished finish, impresses with refinement, while the Matt finish highlights the sophisticated ‘black & white’ contrast.

Saint Tropez

For millennia, marble has been an object of desire in architecture, either for its timeless aesthetics or for the diversity of patterns. With a careful selection of rocks from deposits in India, Turkey and Italy, Roca expands its collection of exotic marbles. Handled by the brand, deliberate extraction gives way to environmental responsibility. With a high investment in technology, porcelain tiles reach formats that reach 2.5m and faithfully reproduce marbles, with all the nuances of color, veins and textures, in addition to a superior performance when compared to natural stone. A proposal that combines beauty, technology and sustainability.


An intoxicating bright jade green, the polished Topazio series is synonymous with tempered beauty. Topazio essentially brings together all the nuances and variations of natural stone. It is born from the study of green Rajasthan marble, a complex stone where jade tones merge with ochre and ivory veins with striking results. This Super collection also includes 120x250 matt pieces that can be applied from floor to ceiling with imperceptible joints and grandiose finishes.