Opt for visible structures, robust materials and the colour of cement in toilets, bathroom furniture and tiles.

Discover how the industrial style exalts the essence of each space, how with solid materials and imperfect finishes you can give shape to a grey bathroom that enhances what others would like to hide. Just like the young New Yorkers who transformed old factories into their homes in the 1950s, we invite you not to hide the pipes or the concrete and to dare to use wood or metal with a worn look. We also invite you to check that the neutral colour par excellence is not boring, but versatile and timeless, both in bathroom furniture and in exempt bathtubs or shower trays that will add the definitive touch to your grey bathroom.

Toilets and bidets

For your bathroom space to be governed by the sobriety of neutral tones, we suggest you start with an essential element such as the toilet. It may surprise you, but in the WC you will be able to reproduce to perfection the colour of the predominant cement in the factories that inspired the industrial style decoration.

If you are attracted by the sophistication of modern bathrooms in grey tones, the Khroma collection will conquer you not only with the original silhouette of its toilets but also by allowing you to choose a backrest and WC lid in Silver Grey, a shade that you can repeat in the bidet lid.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the attention to detail of vintage bathrooms, the Carmen collection offers you to customise its baroque rimmed toilets with covers and seats in Dark Grey. Opt for the chromatic contrast of grey and white bathrooms with these retro-style WCs that you can also match with the bidet lid.

Bathroom furniture

If you thought that bathrooms in grey tones could not surprise you, you will see that there are many ways to express the most characteristic neutral colour. Let your inner self come out and reflect your personality in the bathroom furniture, adapting its design and tonality to your way of seeing life.

Following in the footsteps of the toilet and bidet, the washbasin furniture and the column of the Carmen collection are made in Dark Grey and satin finish, with drawers and doors that exude elegance due to the exquisiteness of their carving. Carmen manages to bring us the best of another era by using classic materials that are essential in the industrial style: its furniture is made of natural wood combined with marble worktops.

If you are looking for a more modern industrial decor, you have several options. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the lacquered furniture without handles from the Kalahari collection, the asymmetrical design of Anima or the larger number of drawers of Victoria-N



Discover how to travel back in time with the Newcast collection, whose imposing exempt bathtub in Grey invites us to take refuge in the nobility of cast iron, combining its sober exterior with an interior in White. In the Newcast bathtubs, the definitive touch is added by its exclusive legs in any of the three available designs, as its chrome finish becomes an ideal ally to go for industrial decoration in your grey bathroom.

Shower trays

If faced with the dilemma of choosing bathtub or shower tray you opt for the second option or, why not, for both, a slate shower tray may be what you need to finish decorating your grey bathroom. The Terran, Helios and Aquos collections fit in perfectly with the industrial style not only because they invite you to reproduce the tone of slate or cement, but also because they manage to emulate its characteristic reliefs. You can choose a resin shower tray with exposed steel grating or the more unified finish of the drain hidden by a Stonex® cover pigmented in the same tone as the tray.


Flooring and cladding

Finally, we focus on the bathroom walls and floors that will frame the whole industrial decoration selecting, as it could not be otherwise, bathroom ceramics that reminds us of cement and concrete.

With pure textures inspired by single-colour cement, the Plaster and Melt collections for flooring are specially designed for neutral spaces that require maximum resistance. Its bathroom tiles in Grey, Anthracite, Sand and Taupe allow you to choose between different tone intensities and between two irregular finish options: the one that simulates hand-painting, by Plaster, or the shuttering, by Melt.


As the ideal cladding for your industrial style bathroom, there are several collections to choose from, such as the minimalist metro tiles from Color Collection, the worn cement look of Claqué or the Room Collection, which incorporates smooth bathroom tiles but also with a cobblestone or slatted effect. In addition to the pure Grey, all of them offer other similar shades such as Graphite, Mink, Taupe or Tender Gray, with the contrast of colours such as White, ideal for adding dynamism to small grey bathrooms.