Accentuated patterns. The detail that makes the difference is in Flow. Flow personalizes environments, filling spaces with intense colors and the sinuous touch of the artisan tile, with its glaze fired clays. Its decorative pieces evoke the earthly, the natural, the vital. The collection brings together small pieces in hexagon, arrow and rectangles to which it adds an irresistible chromatic proposal full of colors, ranging from blue, green and pink tones. The intense tones and the geometry of the pieces achieve compositions of great visual impact that accentuate the character of this collection. To mind white and pearly sea sands with a soft, diverse texture and rich in nuances. In its wall format, the horizontal distribution of the parallel grooves of each piece evokes silicas created by seas and oceans, with a fine texture and subtle points of a shimmery light, as if they were born from shells, quartz or limestone.
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